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Earthbound CIB

(Plastic clamshell + real manual)



ahh, yes. Earthbound Super Nintendo's greatest rpg.... Super Nintendo???? why is this on an NES site?

Well, back in 1990 Nintendo of Japan made a game called "Mother" and there were plans to ship it out across the world, But the market for RPG games in America was small, Very small. In fact it was so small that even final fantasy 2 and 3 never got released here. Nintendo decided to play it safe and never release this game

Now, no one is sure if this game is a translated Japanese, or if it is a prototype, there are arguments going both ways.

Anyway you look at it it doesn't matter. This game is terrific either way.

It's an RPG, battles are all in a first person menu. much like dragon quest.

The game can satisfy anyone for many hours of game play. And it comes Highly recommended from us.


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